Have you ever thought  how to surprise yours friends in a simple way? If not, we have brilliant, original but banal idea for you!

You probably think that Greek salad is a typical salad with feta cheese and lettuce. You are WRONG!

Today we show you how  to make  a real Greek salad easily.

A few words…

The real Greek salad it’s a little different than we know in Poland. Locals make salad in uncomplicated, fast, village style, they don’t pay attention to details. Vegetables are cut into typical ‘cubes’ like in our country. Greek people e.g. don’t add mix lettuce like we do this.

Where did salad queen come from?

The main ingredient- tomato came to Greece around 1808.In the past farmers took it to work  with another vegetables and some feta cheese, spices, and a few slices of bread . During the meal  they ate each of the vegetables piece by piece, in that way they mixed different taste . At one time they wanted diversity of that dish. They cut the vegetables, mixed them and add olive oil . In this way they discovered real Greek treasure.

Now we explain how to make it correctly:


  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Onion
  • Pepper
  • Cheese Feta
  • Olive oil
  • Oregano
  • Salt
  • Pepper

We got all ingredients at the local market in Leptokaria.

       Green cucumber – gives lightness to the salad.

   Peppers are available in many colours and flavours.

  The photo shows feta – the most recognizable ingredient in Greek salad.

    We can always buy fresh and juicy tomatoes there.

  Olives, available in many types, are also a popular ingredient in this salad.

 Olive oil – the real one is available only in Greece.

This onion will surely not bring you tears.

 Oregano – supposedly the best grows at the foot of Mount Olympus.


How we create our salad?

·         First, wash all vegetables thoroughly.


·         Then, cut the pepper, tomato and cucumber into pieces.  The pieces do not have to be equal.


·         Mix them.

·         Then cut the feta cheese into triangles and place it on top of the salad.


·         Cut the onion into strips and arrange it as well.


·         Add the oregano and finish with plenty of olive oil.  (A large amount of oil means that after eating the salad, it stays at the bottom along with the vegetable juice. Bread dipped in it is very tasty).


Enjoy your meal!


Interested fact: It is served with almost every single meal in Greek homes

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