Dessert widespread in Turkish, Azerbaijani, Persian, Greek, Bulgarian and other Balkan cuisines.

Classic baklava is made of leaf dough – sometimes called bark (Balkan name) or phyllo (Greek) dough – with layers of sliced ​​nuts (walnuts or almonds) with sugar or honey.  The whole is baked and then cut into diamonds, triangles, squares and other shapes, then sprinkled with icing or syrup made of water, sugar and lemon juice.  The top is sprinkled with finely mashed, unsalted pistachio nuts.

1 packet of phyllo dough
20 grams of walnuts
20 grams of almonds (but here you can use instead peanuts or pistachios) or 10 grams of almonds and 10 grams of pistachios)
half a cup of sugar
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
optional: half a teaspoon of cardamom,
melted butter or oil to lubricate the dough sheets

1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water
zest and juice of a whole large lemon

1. Line a rectangular tray with baking paper.
2. In a bowl, combine the cinnamon nuts and half a cup of sugar, option.  cardamom.
3. Gently on the baking tray!  arrange the first piece of phyllo dough, if you ruffle it, you won’t be able to see anything, brush it with a grease brush and sprinkle with nuts from the bowl – brush it with fat and cover the nuts with it.  Brush again with a brush (each slice should be smeared on both sides) and nuts again and do so until the ingredients are exhausted and there should be nuts on top. Then bake in 150 degrees about half an hour.  If the sides are browned, it means they are baked.
4. When it cools down, cut into diamonds and pour hot syrup. Put it in the fridge and it tastes best the second day, when the syrup solidifies on the baklava.
5. Boil the syrup together.  When you put a cake on a plate, pour the syrup from the bottom of the cake.
Enjoy your meal!

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